International Language and Culture Education Center (ILCEC)

ILCEC at Sangmyung University is known as a leading institute of Korean education which has high quality education programs, higher education facilities and quality teachers. ILCEC shows a progress and a model of future-oriented language education.

Effective and Various Learner-based Programs of Korean Education
  • You'll learn Korean more quickly and reach your goals faster when you study with ILCEC. ILCEC Korean programs consist of up to six levels' Level 1 to Level 6.
  • After finishing all six levels, you'll increase your communication skills in both practical and academic situation.
Scholarship Program to Motivate International Students
  • To motivate international students, ILCEC provides students with outstanding grades with scholarship.
Various Educational Materials & Higher Education Facilities for Students
  • ILCEC is equipped with an internet room in which students can use computer facilities and access to the internet, and with classrooms in which students can learn Korean with audio-visual materials like songs, music and movies.
  • Counselling is available to individual students who experience personal or study difficulties that may affect them while at ILCEC.
Specialized in art and design
  • Cheonan Campus is very famous for its specialized program of art and design.
Optimal Learning Environment for Students
  • Cheonan Campus is best-equipped for education
Thoughtful Consideration to Students
  • In ILCEC, teachers give thoughtful consideration to students' adjustment to the life in Korea.
  • Every staff of ILCEC helps students adjust to the class and achieve their very best through the achievement check and the personalized tutoring for the students who are challenged by the subjects.
Quality and Experienced Teachers
  • ILCEC employs experienced teachers who possess degrees and who are proficient in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Russian or other foreign languages.
  • Individual counseling helps students to resolve personal and educational concerns.
Dormitory and low living cost
  • Comfortable dormitory si available in reasonable fees.