Regular Program

  • ILCEC's main program for adult learners with at least a highschool diploma
  • Six levels
  • Each level includes 200 hours of learning during a 10 week period. Classes are taught for 4 hours a day and 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.
  • Morning classes are from 9:00am. until 1:00pm and afternoon classes are from 1:30pm until 5:30pm You may take either morning classes or afternoon classes.
  • Graduates receive certificates in the name of the president of SMU.
Level Description
Level Description
level Core Course Learning Outcomes Samples
Beginning 1
  • Greetings, self-introducing, ordering food in a restaurant, buying goods, using public transportation, post office, hospital, public phones
Intermediate 3
  • Engage in a conversation with Koreans on a general topics and keep it going
  • Enjoy a general understanding Korean newspaper and television contents
Advanced 5
  • Understand complex formal situations in an education or workplace setting
  • Get efficient listening skill for general and academic situations
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2022 School Calendar
2022 School Calendar
Semester Class period 서류제출 및
등록금 납부 기간
Spring 2022.03.14 ~ 2022.05.20 2022. 02. 20
Summer 2022.06.13 ~ 2022.08.19 2022. 05. 22
Fall 2022.09.19 ~ 2022.11.25
Winter 2022.12.19 ~ 2023.02.24
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