Application and Student's Visa Information

Application Eligibility

A highschool diploma or equivalent is the minimum requirement for admission.

Documents and Requirements for the application
  • Application (downloadable from ILCEC website)
  • Photocopy of the page in the applicant's passport that shows his/her full name
  • Photocopy of the applicant's identification (ID) card
  • Original copy of certificate of degree or diploma from the most recent school attended
  • Original copy or official academic transcripts from the most recent school attended
  • Three copies of color portrait photo (3.5 x 4.5Cm)
    (The applicant's name should be written both in Korean and in English on reverse side.)
  • Bank Verification stating the applicant's account has USD 9,000 or more for more than six months
  • Certificate of employment & Income of the applicant's parents
    (If the above two documents are not available, Letter of Sponsorship is required.)
  • Photocopy of the Parents' Identification (ID) card
Documents and Requirements for Chinese applicants
  • Photocopy of Family Registration including family members
Application Procedure
  • Submission of application and requirements → Screening → Notification of Interview Schedule, Interview → Notification of Future Acceptance → Submission of Original Copies of Documents and Payment of Fees → Application for General Training Visa and Notification of Visa number → Entry
  • The applicant for the General Training visa (D-4) should submit the application form and the basic requirement documents when he/she applies for the visa and other requirement documents when he/she has an interview. The process to apply for the visa (D-4) is made by ILCEC. If his/her application is rejected, the course fee is refunded.
Notification of Acceptance & Letter of Admission
  • The applicant for general training visa (D-4) is informed of his/her admission after his/her interview.
Application and Course Fees
  • Application Fee: ₩50,000
  • Course Fee: ₩1,270,000
Payment Method
  • After being notified of acceptance, the applicant should pay both application fee and course fee.
    • Receiving Bank : WOORI BANK CHEONAN BRANCH
    • Swift Code : HVBKKRSEXXX
    • Receiving Account Number : 1005-402-515058
    • Receiver : Sangmyung University (CHEONAN)
  • Bank transfer fee and overseas remittance fee is charged to the sender.
  • The receipt of transmitting should be sent via fax. (Fax: 82-41-550-5414)
  • The receipt should include the date and the amount of transmitting, and the sender's name on it.
  • The sender should be the applicant and his/her name should be printed both in Korean and in English on the receipt.
  • If the sender is not the applicant, the receipt and any document which proves that the applicant has sent the course fee, should be sent via fax.
Refund Policy
  • The amount of the refund is determined by the refund policy of ILCEC.
  • If the student is in Korea, he/she should submit the copy of his/her own bankbook.
  • If the student is in his/her own country, the followings should be sent to the office via fax.
    1. 1) Bank related information
      1. a. Name of the bank
      2. b. Address of the bank
      3. c. Swift code
      4. d. Account number
    2. 2) Sender related information
      1. a. Sender's name
      2. b. Student's name
      3. c. Depositor's name
      4. d. Depositor's address
      5. e. Depositor's telephone number
  • The refund process may take several days.
Visa Information
  • General training visa (D-4) is for those who study Korean at the university-attached language institutes, those who are educated at the educational facilities or those who learn technology or skills at the national or public research organizations.
  • The applicant himself/herself should apply for general training visa (D-4) at the embassy or the consulate of the Republic of Korea. Requirement documents include the letter of admission, the notarized reference, and other required documents. The process to apply for the general training visa (D-4) takes about one month and the application should made in advance. The General training visa is valid for six months from the date it had been issued.
  • The validity of general training visa can be extended at the immigration office when the required documents are submitted. (But, if the attendance rate is lower than 80%, the application for foreigner registration and visa extension can be denied.)
  • Passport and certificate of foreigner registration, enrollment verifying document, affidavit, fee (₩60,000)
  • immigration office :