Office of the President

총장 백웅기 총장 백웅기

To our dearest students who will
begin a new year a with fearsome intelligence and
burning ambition!

Letter to President

Sangmyung University was established in 1937, based on the philosophy of national education conceived by Dr. Bae Sangmyung. With the educational ideology of truth, justice, and love in its 76 years of continuous development, Sangmyung University has strived to fulfill the university mission of talent cultivation and scientific research.

The main trends of the 21st century are the informatization of society and globalization. In this time of rapid societal transition and progress, Sangmyung University is actively adapting to these changes and is fostering creative and internationally-minded individuals who will move on to become the leaders of the future.

Youth is beautiful for its dreams and ideals, and it is all the more special because of its ability to realize them. Sangmyung University holds the dreams and ideals of the world in the highest esteem, and will lavish our students with support by providing the highest quality educational environment and programs available so that these dreams may be realized.

Lead this new world with intellect and a passionate heart! Realize your dreams and ideals at Sangmyung University.

 Baek Ehung Gi