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While the university is focused on academic research and personality training, it also provides the opportunity to experience areas other than the major fields and to taste and feel a new world by choosing clubs suitable for one's hobbies and aptitudes in order to enjoy richer university lives.

Division Club Name Purpose Major Projects Establishment Date Homepage
Performance Sorimaeul Under the principle of university culture creation, we aim to cultivate the pride and spirit of students through the medium of songs, contribute to enhancement of mutual bonding and improvement of cultural qualities of Sangmyung, and to enhance the musical literacy of Sangmyung students by distribution and research of songs. Regular performances and presentations, retreats, song collection publication 88.03.25
Performance Tornado We aim for dance lovers to gather and promote leadership and harmony. Regular dance performances, various inside and outside school performances 98.06.22
Performance Sarang-nori We aim to cultivate personality and culture as adults, to widen the knowledge of Korean culture, and to make friendship among members through experience and recreation of traditional musical instruments. Daedong Festival performance, joint performances with other universities 03.03.01
Performance Humming As a singing club of the a cappella genre, we aim to feel a sense of accomplishment through performances, to promote fellowship among the members and to spread a cappella. Regular practices, subway performances, various performances 01.11.15
Volunteering Good Neighbors We aim to respect the human rights of children who suffer from poverty and oppression and help them to have hope. Child Rights Education, Child Abuse Prevention Campaigns 11.03.18
Volunteering Kkurugibang TThe purpose of our club is to choose a demolition area or a slum area and to teach and play with the children in the area. Seminar, slum market, summer/winter slum activities, playroom / study room activities, photo exhibitions 92.03.31
Volunteering Geguteugi We aim to establish ethnic self-culture through traditional Korean traditional culture and traditional drama, and to contribute to mutual friendship and cultural development of Sangmyung. Daedong Festival, Madanggeuk, traditional drama, mask dance and musical instrument transmission 98.09.09
Performance Byukbongdong Through volunteer work, we aim to create love and practice and to develop a healthy and mature mind and body. Mural painting, art guidance service, campaigns 03.03.02
Performance groovin' 187 As the only black music club in Sangmyung University, we aim to study and appreciate black music. Exchanges with other universities, various performances, music appreciation 04.03.15
Religious Catholic Students Association (Lucia) We aim to enhance friendship between members, help personality completion, strive for academic development and deepen Christian spirit. Bible Exhibition, Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites, Founding Ceremony, Retreat 72.04.02
Religious C. C. C We aim to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, cleanse the nihilism and moral decadent image, and propagate the spirit of Christianity to all mankind through the Christian faith, planting the right faithfulness in the heart of individual university students. Shenzhen retreat, invitation lecture, basic faith lecture, movie screenings 80.03.04
Religious I. V. F. 唤起对基督的个人We aim to create personal piety in Christ, to form Christian values, to prove Christ through all the spheres of life, and to especially evangelize the intellectual society Orphanage / nursing home visit, faith training conference, retreat 81.03.21
Religious CBA For campus evangelization and mission for the intellectual society, we carry out movement of repentance and love, which is the task of Christianity. Prayers' meetings, faith lectures, Bible studies, evangelism projects 85.05.23
Athletic Return By cultivating culture and sports spirit through badminton, we aim to make friendship and university life more meaningful. Badminton contest, theoretical lecture, friendly match, retreat 14.09.01
Athletic Gongsarang As intellectuals, we aim to cultivate personality and culture, and make friendship and university life more meaningful based on the sports spirit. Tennis tournament, theory open lecture, friendly match, retreat 80.03.05
Athletic WINNER We aim to promote the harmony and health of Sangmyung students and the school image through basketball as a medium On-campus basketball tournament held, establishment ceremony, YB-OB match 96.11.03
Athletic Jaharang We aim to train a healthy spirit and body through kendo training and contribute to the nation and society. Kendo training, Kendo demonstration, retreat 97.03.01
Athletic Canon We aim to establish healthy body and unity of Sangmyung people through soccer, raising the school reputation. Regular meetings, establishment ceremony, friendly match 98.06.22
Athletic Bucks We aim to train our bodies and socialize through activities such as playing baseball games and watching games. Friendly match, regular practice, off-season training 04.06.09
Volunteering Palette We aim to professionally learn about the environment through environmental protection, contests, etc., especially based on The Great Nature Green Campus Association. Theory Class, Contest 14.03.03
Hobby YOUTH -HOSTEL Through the Youth-Hostel, we intend to deepen friendship among members and to establish the right travel culture for university life. Nature Conservation Activities, Regular Hostelling, Summer Rally, Establishment Ceremony 91.03.19
Hobby Jahaphoto We aim to create photographic art through continuous work of photography and print work, photo education and photo appreciation. Photo exhibition, regular photography, postcard exhibition 93.03.25
Hobby Maenggami Through various manga-related events, we aim to foster friendship among the students, to explore various cartoon genres, and to establish an innovative university manga culture. Regular exhibitions, fancy collections, magazine publications, regular creative gatherings 96.03.02
Hobby SISO We aim to learn about various cultures and traditions of each country through friendship between foreign students and Korean students. Traditional food exchanges, cultural exchanges 08.03.02
Academic SPEC We aim develop language skills and practically use English through English learning. 英English Speech Contest, Open Seminar, Retreat, Summer / Winter Special Lecture 83.03.24
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