ILCEC at Sangmyung Univ

To Visitors

Welcome to International Language and culture education center at Sangmyung University to all of you.

With the March 2005 established Korean Language and Culture Center as its matrix, the International Language and Culture Center is effectively teaching Korean language and culture to foreigners and Korean nationals abroad.

We are also exerting every effort to foster competent Korean teachers.

16years after its establishment, more than 15000 students have studied Korean at our institution and over 1000 korean teachers have been produced. Based on tradition and educational mission if Sangmyung University with more than 80 years of history, and also its 16years of Korean education, Sangmyung University international Language and Culture Center is making a leap forward as one of the most prominent Korean language learning institutions in the world.

International and Korean language residents abroad wishing to learn Korean can experience high standard of Korean language learning at Sangmyung University International Language and Culture Education Center.

Teachers of Korean language can realize dreams at Sangmyung University International Language and Culture Center as well.

Thank you.

Director of International Language and Culture Education Center
Hong Young Joon