ILCEC at Sangmyung Univ

Director's Remarks

ILCEC at Sangmyung Univ

ILCEC's System


International Language and culture education center has remarkably been developing since ILCEC was established in March of 2005 as it has produced more than 15,000 students visiting to our institution and studying korean language. Sangmyung University international Language and Culture Center is making a leap forward as it has one of the most prominent Korean language learning program and qualified teachers. Moreover, Our institution has been trying to guide developmental learning way and educational point of view with korean language teaching method

International Language and culture education center has been teaching Korean language and introducing cultures to many foreigners. There are 7 levels including beginning level, intermediate level, and high level. And we help students to learn effectively korean language. Students who completes all level can communicate korean language as korean, and they are entitle to learn high class at University. Our institution also open TOPIK class and tutors students who feel difficult to follow Korean language class.
Our institution offers a scholarship to students with superior grades every semester and learners who are from joint university and other institution and have commissioned education.
All faculties with master degree for teaching method Korean language as foreign language are experts with long educational experience who are good at English, Chinese, Japanese, Germany, Russian language as well as has been leading language class. Our faculties try to teach effectively korean language to students and advise all related korean language.
Students living between Gang-nam district and Daehak-ro can commute to a school easily and choose morning or afternoon class either. International Language and culture education center are equipped with beam projecet and computer with cutting-edge system in all class room. Also, all student can use various visual and auditory materials and learn multi-media education and can freely read korean newspaper, korean books and other facilities.